Jaindra Boarding School

"We Believe in Excellence in Education"

Jaindra Singh Namuna English Boarding School is an institute established in 2063 B.S. with a motto of educational development of its locality and being reputed nationally and internationally.

Our Objectives:
- To provide our students world class education.
- To foster holistic developments of students.
- To bring out the potentiality of the students.
- To provide the students conductive environment for their complete nurture.
- To develop skills in students to be responsible creators than job seekers.
- To meet global demand and competition through education.

Our Mission:
- To make it an educational Hub suitable for the students of all backgrounds and from all corners of the country creating the environment to have an opportunity for quality and affordable education of global standard.

Our Commitment:
- To serve the students with a modern education  at the forefront of professional practice in Nepal to help students realize their full potential and develop respectful and positive attitude towards society, life and people.

Our feature:
- Well professional teaching faculty.
- well-equipped and well-furnished classrooms.
- well-equipped lab.
- smart class with data projectors in order to enhance the concept of interactive classes.
- Multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment.
- well-managed transport facilities.
- Child-friendly teaching-learning environment.
- Medical and first aid facilities.
- Various tests like unit test, terminal exam tests.
- Involving students in extra and co-curricular activities for overall development of them.
- Tour, picnic etc programme to enhance students confidence level and develop social habit.
- Practical and participatory approach in teaching learning activities adopting globally competent pedagogy.
- Frequent parents, teachers, students interaction and time to time counseling and motivation.
- Involvement of students in various clubs like child club, red cross circle sports club and different houses.
- Zero punishment environment.
- Complete English medium teaching-learning pedagogy.

Download our Mobile App

We have made our App available on android for now.

eAcademy mobile application is designed with a goal of Reforming Education. Our main aim is to dititalize the overall education system in Nepal and go paperless. With our application we aim to provide overall academic activity of children to respective guardain and teachers ,so that children's performance can be improved accordingly. With the help of eAcademy application teachers can do daily attendance , give and check assignments , while parents can track the academic records of their children , check attendance , check results ,send personal feedback to a particular teacher . Teachers are no longer limited to a plain-old diary and notes about every student.With eAcademy application, you can keep track of the individual achievements of your students. With the use of eAcademy application Gaurdain no longer have to go pesonally to school for fee payment , they can easily pay the dues through eAcademy mobile applicaition. eAcademy mobile is a very useful applications for school authority. School Administrators can track overall attendance of each students in the school, can publish results and keep detailed track of financial activities of school With the help of eAcademy mobile application gauradian can know about every notices about the school on the go. Using eacademy mobile application teacher can assign ebooks, and digital documents to students , so that educating process can be more detailed , easy and effective. With the help of eAcademy application the school authority , gaurdian , children and teacher are always connected. eAcademy application makes the overall sytem of school easy, effective and efficeient.

Some of the features of eAcademy application are:

Attendance management
Q/A sessions or interaction with teachers or other students
Exam results
Allocating assignments and submitting assignments
School notices
Financial information of school